Because, in my opinion, partner is a transitive verb, and ZZZ Bank and Healthy Child are.


to act as someone&39;s partner in a sport, game, dance, or activity, or to choose someone to do this. I partner.

pareja nf.

(in relationship) pareja f compa&241;ero (compa&241;era) mf.

As of 2018, fossil fuels held a major share in the Spanish final energy consumption. . .


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pecas. La semana prxima, voy a conocer a los primos de mi pareja.

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partnered Conjugation of Partner.

Principal Translations Ingls Espaol partner n (business associate) socio, socia nm, nf The chef was a business partner of the restaurant owner.

That requires testing new approaches and working with environmental justice community partners.

It is mainly used between partners, that is, spouses, and very often used while proposing to someone. muffin. .

mi pareja. Meaning of partnered. . MADRIDSikorsky is looking to establish a partnership with Spanish industry to support the sustainment of new MH-60R Seahawk helicopters being acquired by. Fossil Fuels.

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Pero el disfrutar de estos eventos deportivos debe estar asociado con el suficiente conocimiento de los mismos. .


Translation of "partnered" in Spanish.

Partner, colleague, ally, cohort, sidekick, crony,.

A good business partner can help expand the client base.

jugar en pareja con, jugar en pareja con, poner con una pareja.