Yes Only the first two documents are returned where the value of the name field is John. Item.



limit(5); returns the first 5 documents created. For example, If we have 11 matching results when doing the search, but pagination should show 10 results per page. skip(5).


This value is stored somewhere in Mongo and it is not calculated. since associated records has huge volume of data , I wanted to control the number of update based on the associated records count via configuration. limit (limit).

Tip. Skip(100).



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Start using mongoose-paginate-v2 in your project by running npm i mongoose-paginate-v2.
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connect(url, (err, database) > if(err) return console.

For the legacy mongo shell documentation, refer to the documentation for the corresponding MongoDB Server release mongo shell v4.


. . For example code you can watch at on of "paginator" for mongoose mongoose-paginate.

. Dec 4, 2014 well totalcountis indeed returning the total number of records but with my updated solution I get the total number of records even if my limit is 10 (I get the total number of rows where profileid is xxxx) For example I have 1000 rows where profileid is xxxx, because of the group by, I get 622, so even if I put a limit of 10 the totalcount is still going to be 622, where in your example. For example code you can watch at on of "paginator" for mongoose mongoose-paginate. Datas. Nov 4, 2019 This time, we provided a query name John, and passed 2 to the limit() function. Annual Membership.

So when you for example do this, var a db.

. Here is the query to get the total count.


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Apr 28, 2020 Then when calling the database with Mongoose (or can be done with native MongoDB driver too) class UserPaginationExample getAll(page 1) const PAGESIZE 20; Similar to &39;limit&39; const skip (page - 1) PAGESIZE; For page 1, the skip is (1 - 1) 20 > 0 20 0 return UsersModel.